Created in 2008, VDA Technology benefits from the expertise of a team that has acquired considerable know-how in the design of fleet management and on-board telematics in the fields of transport, logistics, industry and construction.



We are a team of qualified and experienced professionals. The pooling of our different expertises makes us agile and efficient.



We develop quality solutions to improve your business needs on a daily basis, in the Transport, Logistics and Industry sectors in general.

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We constantly pursue our efforts to offer quality services in order to establish quality and long term relationships with our customers.


A. Djouhri
A. DjouhriPDG

Founder and CEO of VDA Technology, Amine has devoted a significant amount of time and attention to developing innovative solutions and sustainable technologies to improve processes in the fleet management and telematics sector. His goal has always been to reduce the financial impact of transport and logistics companies, improve road safety and contribute to the preservation of the environment. In addition, Amine is a positive, creative and ambitious thinker.

Amine’s fascination with new technologies and systems improvement derives from his technical background, namely his degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Bejaia, his hometown.

Since the creation of VDA Technology, Amine has always strived to integrate high quality hardware and software, which he has imported from countries such as the Netherlands, France, Canada, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belarus and Taiwan. Amine’s motto is to make life as easy as possible for its customers.

Today about 15 professionals work at VDA Technology and the company is taking a huge step forward in technology and innovation. More and more, the company is always looking for passionate professionals.

S. Djouhri
S. DjouhriAssociate
H. Djouhri
H. DjouhriManager


A. Taib
A. TaibChief Financial Officer
T. Arkoub
T. ArkoubLegal advisor
L. Kameli
L. KameliAccountant
M. Messaoudi
M. MessaoudiTechnical Director
N. Taib
N. TaibTechnical Advisor
Z. Sadat
Z. SadatTechnician
N. Chabouni
N. ChabouniTechnician
F. Harkouk
F. HarkoukWebmaster
A. Khentache
A. KhentachePlatform Manager
B. Zegagh
B. ZegaghSystem Engineer
Y. Kouam
Y. KouamDriver